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Step 1

Knowing Who You Are

We can exchanging our old defeated self images for new creation images by discovering who we are,
what we can do,

and what we can have
in Jesus Christ

Six Powerful Courses

Available in Audio and Video

Knowing Who You Are

Knowing Your Authority
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
How to Heal the Sick
Becoming a Worshiper
Praying as Jesus Prayed

Developed in the ISOM (International School of Ministry) Format. ISOM is the world's largest video-based, bilingual Bible School whcih features many outstanding teachers including T.L. Osborn, Joyce Meyer, Reinhard Bonnke, Marilyn Hickey, Dick Eastman, Bayless Conley, Jack Hayford, and A.L. Gill, with over 13,000 training sites in 141 Nations, in over 60 lanuages, and has over 250,000 students and graduates.

Available Now in the

ISOM Express (English Only Edition)


Since these courses were originally recorded in the bi-lingual video format. This edition has had the foreign language removed. Therefore, you will notice a slight “wipe” between Dr. Gill's statements. This is the shortened, condensed version with an average length of 30 minutes. The more complete teachings in English on each of these subjects are ten one-hour recordings and can be accessed in the Foundations for Supernatural Living series.

English / SpanishTranslation

For Accreditation Contact

Dr. Berin Gilfillian
and Dr. A.L. Gill
at ISOM Graduation

Step 2

Knowing Your Authority

Discover how you can quit loosing and start winning every battle of life through this revelation of our God-given kingdom authority and dominion

Step 3

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Receive the Holy Spirit and His power with hear practical teaching on how to operate in each of the nine supernatural gifts of The Holy Spirit

Step 4

How to Heal the Sick

Discover how to receive the manifestation of your own healing, and how you can boldly minister God’s healing power into the lives of others

Step 5

Becoming a Worshiper

Learn and experience the overwhelming, life-changing glory of God’s presence through high praise and intimate throne room worship

Step 6

Praying Kingdom Advancing Prayers

Learn how you can pray bold, Kingdom advancing prayers that will bring God’s will to be done on earth just as it is being done in heaven

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