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Spiritual Birthing


Since all blessing comes from the spirit within, obtaining this blessing is much like childbirth.  There needs to be a conception, an incubation period and a birth process.

Using the analogy of natural childbirth, the study traces the various stages that you will go through in obtaining the blessing that you have been desiring. It will help you to identify where you are in the blessing cycle, and to know what awaits you next as you continue to look to the Lord for your miracle of blessing.


Section 1

1.  What is needed before a birth can take place?
2.  What is the most important ingredient for conception to occur?
3.  What is the starting point for conception of blessing?

Section 2

1.  Why is the condition of your soul important before you can conceive?
2.  Does birth take place overnight?
3.  What is one of the greatest dangers to the 'baby' that can abort it?
4.  What spiritual vitamins make for a healthy baby?
5.  What happens if you try to birth too soon?

Section 3

1.  Why is it important to prepare for the birth ahead of time?
2.  Why does the birth bring new responsibilities?
3.  Can birth take place without pain?
4.  What happens during transition?
5.  What is the most important thing to do following the birth?

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The Birthing Process

1.  A conscious decision to give birth
2.  You must decide to believe God for your provision. 
3.  Conception is necessary - you have to get a rhema word. 
4.  Maintaining a healthy womb - building a template for the soul. 
5.  The Incubation Period - a time of waiting. 

a.  There will be signs of growth - confirmation along the way. 
b.  Caution must be exercised - maintain your spiritual condition in the Spirit and the Word. 
c.  Premature birth must be avoided - do not push for an answer too soon. 
d.  Perseverance and consistency needed - do not give up hope. 

Preparation for the Birth 

1.  Making room for when it arrives - get ready for an answer
2.  See yourself in possession of it. 

a.  Building it into your future goals and plans - decide what you are going to do with it.
b.  Preparing for new responsibilities - be prepared for changes in your life. 

Labor and Travail. 

1.  The most difficult part of childbirth - things get worse before they get better. 

a.  It cannot be avoided - you will always go through this before the provision comes. 
b.  It seems like it will never arrive - do not give up hope or let go of your faith. 
c.  It comes suddenly when you least expect it - usually when you finally give up trying to make it happen. 

2.  Contractions 

a.  Very painful - you will go through a tough time. 
b.  Dilation must complete before birth begins - there is a specific period of suffering and it must complete. 

3.  Transition 

a.  Ends labor - the suffering stops finally. 
b.  The only time to do nothing but wait - it seems like nothing is happening. 
c.  You must not push - you must not try to confess or pray or do anything. 

The Birth experience 

1.  The most pleasant part - things get better finally. 
2.  Requires no effort - happens naturally. You do not need to do much of anything. It just happens.

Cutting the Cord 

1.  Vital to keeping the baby alive - you could lose your provision at this point. 
2.  Involves cutting the baby loose - you have to release it into the earth. 
3.  Requires letting go of the baby - you must rest in the Lord's provision and stop all efforts.


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