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Documentary on Hell – Proof Hell Exists In order to understand hell, we have to start at the beginning. Before God created man, he created Angels. Angels are similar to man in that they are given the free will to love, worship and serve God. God created the Angel Lucifer and I am sure he was stunningly beautiful and highly intelligent, but we know from scripture that he also was arrogant, prideful and too ambitious. Lucifer had a very high position beside God and he was very important to the other Angels. God wanted all the Angels to serve man and Lucifer refused to because he thought he was too important. I guess you could say Lucifer then attempted a mutiny against God and of course, Lucifer lost. God created Hell for the sole purpose of Satan/Lucifer and his fallen angels/demons to live there for eternity. The reason why Satan has such a hatred for man is because man got in the way of his relationship with God and his life in heaven. He also is very jealous of the tremendous love God has for his precious people. Satan also despises Jesus because he knows how much God loves his perfect son Jesus, plus, he knows he has to bow down to Christ which he also despises. When man does not accept Christ as his Lord and Savior, then man really does side with Satan, so man has to go to hell as well, not by Gods choice. This video really gets into the history of hell and Lucifer/Satan. Documentary on Hell – Proof Hell Exists video link: http://youtu.be/e_7piBIDBsQ Please Subscribe to my Channel Documentary on Hell – Proof Hell Exists
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